Tuesday, January 17, 2017

73% of Brazilians will do price research to buy school supplies

Most Brazilians must pay cash purchases of school supplies this year. That''s what points lifting of Swiss RJ/Ipsos, conducted in November 2016. During the period of investigation, 35% of respondents claimed to possess that kind of expense and, of these, the option for purchasing the vista will be the preferred by 51%-this percentage grew compared to 2016, when the index was 46%. Consequently, there was a fall in purchases installment, which ranged from 44% in 2016, to 32% by 2017. The survey of prices before buying should be held for 73% of consumers of school supplies this year.
Asked about the expenses for the start of classes, of which have that expense, 44% believe that spending will be higher in 2017. Yet according to the survey, 81% of these consumers intend to perform the school purchases at merchants. Shop at the school will be a practice intended by only 2%. Slightly over half of Brazilians who will buy school supplies (51%) reported that no will anticipate this type of purchase.
"The January historically shows some extraordinary expenses such as taxes and spending on school supplies. Before the current context, the research confirms the concern of families in optimize spending to balance the budget in search of better prices and offers in the next few days, before the start of classes, "says Gloria Amorim, Director of policies and strategies of the Fecomercio System RJ.
The survey was conducted by Fecomercio RJ/Ipsos, from 1 to 13 November 2016, with 1200 respondents in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Florianopolis, Salvador, Recife, Porto Alegre, Brasília and 64 cities.
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