Monday, January 23, 2017

Medication R$ bi 85.35 moved in 2016

Sao Paulo-the pharmaceutical market moved R$ 85.35 billion in 2016 with sales in drugstores, according to a survey released on Friday (20) by the Association of research-based pharmaceutical industry (Interfarma), with data from IMS Health.
The cipher is 13.1% higher than the amount registered in 2015, when the sales of medicines at retail 75.49 billion amounted to R$. The values do not consider discounts offered by pharmacies to consumers, getting established based on the list price of each of the medicines.
Today, 75% of the pharmaceutical industry''s production comes to the consumer through the networks of drugstores and pharmacies. The other 25% are sales of the government laboratories, hospitals and clinics.
In a statement, the authority explains that the variation in sales of medicines with or without medical prescription (OTC) was the same. The highlight was for generic category which won 14.7% more in 2016 on a year before.
According to the survey of Interfarma, last year sales of narcotic painkillers and antipyretics accounted for 4.5% of sales of medicines at retail, or little more than 3.8 billion R$. The amount is equivalent to a high of 15.5% compared with a year earlier.
Last year, Drugmakers had permission from the Government to apply a maximum adjustment of 12.5%, which entered into force on April 1. It was the first time the authorized increase was above the accumulated inflation during the period, about 10%. In 2015 the readjustment was 7.7%.
Yet according to the survey of Interfarma, the second most marketed therapeutic class was that of antidepressants and mood stabilizers, totaling 3.5 billion R$. This type of medicine represented 4% of the total market and 18.2% growth.
According to the Press Office of the entity, part of this increase is a result of the readjustment of 7.4%-average us prices of antidepressants and mood stabilizers. It''s worth mentioning that there was also high in sales in volume, rising from 54 million units in 2015 to 60 million units the following year.
Thirdly, one of the most sold, are the regulators of cholesterol and triglycerides (3.5%), followed by the anti-ulcer medications (3.4%%) and antihypertensive drugs (3.3%).
DCI - 23/01/2017
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