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ADM buys assets of Algar and expands presence

8/17/2018 - U.s.-based Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) yesterday announced the closing of a deal for purchase of un

Appreciation of the dollar could become the Brazilian wine more competitive

8/17/2018 - The oscillation of the dollar exchange rate can be an ally to sales of Brazilian wines this semester

Pharmacies pay less R $1.6 billion Bill 2nd tri of 2018

8/17/2018 - The network of pharmacies pay less concluded the second quarter of the year with a high of 4.7% in g

Grupo Abril negotiates contribution of up to £ $100 mi with distressed funds

8/17/2018 - The Grupo Abril, editing publications such as See and examination and that just ask for judicial reo

M&A in the ingredients should rotate R $780 mi in Brazil in 2 years

8/17/2018 - The food ingredients sector in Brazil has drawn attention from investors as companies, and it is exp

WEX and aims to Develop new card

8/17/2018 - The payments company WEX has developed, in partnership with Visa, YEX card. The new solution facilit

OPENS 18 Brazilian Congress of Packing

8/17/2018 - The event in the Brazilian Congress of packaging is an event enshrined among executives of industrie

INFRAERO prepares sale of half the capital for about $14 bi

8/16/2018 - São Paulo – the President of the federal State of airport services Infraero, Antonio Claret de Olive

Owner of Absolut and Jameson launches "secret" website to sell drinks

8/16/2018 - Quietly, one of the most traditional manufacturers of drinks in the world, Pernod Ricard, owner of b

Suzano's ceo says that the focus of the tissue market is just north and North...

8/16/2018 - Last Tuesday (14) during the RISI Latin American Conference in Sao Paulo, the President of Suzano Pa

Kimberly-Clark says it will increase prices of tissue products in the U.S.

8/16/2018 - Kimberly-Clark Corp. said it was increasing the prices on most of its consumer products business in

JBS and Marfrig focus on debt after injury

8/16/2018 - The JBS and Marfrig's results in the second quarter were marked by losses caused by the depreciation

Sao Paulo 21% in Growing SMEs 1st semester

8/16/2018 - SMEs paulistas grew 21% in the first half of 2018, compared to the previous year, totaling $203.8 mi

OPENS 18 Brazilian Congress of Packing

8/16/2018 - The event in the Brazilian Congress of packaging is an event enshrined among executives of industrie

Cocoa Show extends the sales experience

8/15/2018 - The change in consumer behavior and the rise of shopping by mobile devices move the market and reinv

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