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Sanofi purchase for $ $11.6 billion Bioverativ biopharmaceutical

1/23/2018 - French drugmaker Sanofi reported on Monday (22) that struck a deal to acquire the Bioverativ, an Ame

Cookie raises export industry

1/23/2018 - The industry of biscuit and masses elevated the export volume in 50% in 2017, to 107,000 tons, repor

Large cooling still needs a resumption of investment

1/23/2018 - Large cooling, for commercial ventures such as shopping malls and corporate slabs can continue suffe

Stocks are suitable for 52.5% of entrepreneurs

1/23/2018 - IE (stock Index) of the retail trade in the city of Sao Paulo rose 2.2 percent, to move from 103 poi

Retail trade paulistano must earn R bi $224 in 2018

1/23/2018 - On 25 January, the city of São Paulo 464 years full with a new perspective of upturn. Responsible fo

Seven out of every ten medicines sold are of national laboratories

1/23/2018 - Reached 70% market share of the domestic pharmaceutical companies in sales in the country. The slice

King Case advances with mobile accessory

1/23/2018 - On the weakening sales of new smartphones in the country, the King Case franchise network grows with

Now sports nutrition wants to reach 100 units up to 2020

1/23/2018 - Focused on selling functional products and for athletes, the network Now sports nutrition makes ambi

Back to school must increment in 4% gains of stationery

1/23/2018 - After closing in 2017 take high of 1.1%, the retail paulista starts the year confident and prepared

Coca-Cola invests R $1.6 billion in waste project

1/22/2018 - To help collect the equivalent of 100% of packaging that puts on the market until 2030, The Coca-Col

Survey says 70% of Brazilians do not use sunscreen every day and 80% don't kn...

1/22/2018 - Despite the need to fotoproteção be subject in the media, the number of Brazilians who don't apply s

Mini markets generate more jobs than super and hypermarkets

1/22/2018 - The neighborhood stores, also known as mini markets, were responsible for generating 500 formal jobs

Kellogg will invest R $250 million in the expansion of Parati

1/22/2018 - Kellogg, American food manufacturer, announced an investment of approximately R $215 million ($ $66

Dispute between for Lactalis and Force the Itambé is far from over

1/22/2018 - Although the latest decision of Justice has been partially favourable to French for Lactalis, the di

Price of school supplies rises and reduce margin to keep stores sale

1/22/2018 - The high cost of the main raw material, paper pulp, in recent months hit the nail on the head the pr

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