Friday, January 12, 2018

Prices High to 1.43% will accumulate in 2017, says Sincomavi

The General level of prices of construction materials in the State of São Paulo has accumulated a high of 1.43% in 2017, after a fall of 0.12 percent registered in December, said the Retail syndicate of construction materials, Machinery, hardware, paint, dishes and glasses of Great São Paulo (Sincomavi). According to the Union, the result represents a significant retreat from the previous year, a period in which there was a rise of 2.80%. "This is the tamest variation for the annual period from 2011, when inflation in the sector in São Paulo territory reached 1.23%," says economist Jaime Valdez, of the Department of Economics and Sincomavi research.
The December 2017, deflation of 0.12%, also-an opposite scenario in November, which was 1.22% increase as compared to December 2016, which had positive value of 0.09%. The inflation of building materials in the State of São Paulo from the INCC/SINAPI, indicator calculated by the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE). From the subitems of the Broad consumer price index (IPCA)/IBGE in December in the São Paulo metropolitan region it was possible to check the reduction in hardware prices (-1.43%) and floorings and wall (-2.65%).
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