Friday, February 09, 2018

Walmart wants to revolutionize the retail world with new shopping experiences

In January this year, Amazon launched Amazon Go, a store in which the digital experience is present in the "real world" since the entry of the client. The client opens the application to enter the store, buy the products you want, and get out-and the payment is made online, the account of Amazon. Now, another retailer is making the technology an integral part of the offline trade: Walmart. In the United States, the company just bought, from your business incubator startups Store N° 8, startup Spatialand virtual reality. And the idea is to revolutionize the retail world again, by creating a completely new experience. Katie Finnegan, founder of the incubator, said in the announcement that the team of Store No. 8 was exploring virtual reality solutions at retail when he decided to buy the startup. With the acquisition, Katie Finnegan will be the new CEO of Spatialand, still maintaining his duties in Store N° 8. Kim Cooper, collaborator of startup, and Jeremy Welt, consultant in the incubator, will also have important roles in company leadership. On startup, new products will be developed and uses for virtual reality in physical and digital environment of Walmart. In the Spatialand portfolio already feature in projects with the Glasses, Intel, Reebok and the band Linkin Park. Virtual reality is a technology that shook the world since it was popularized through applications – like Pokemón Go. This is a technology that has the potential of impacting 2018-and startups have been a great medium for this purpose.
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