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May, 2018

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Paypal Introduces New Products

5/18/2018 - PayPal, UOL group company, presents its new products aimed at retail. For companies that need to gen

Chinese giant lithium acquires 24% of Chile's SQM for $ $4 billion

5/18/2018 - The Chinese Tianqi lithium giant reached an agreement to buy the Canadian 24 Nutrients% Chile SQM, w

PayPal makes deal to buy European startup iZettle, for $ $2.2 billion.

5/18/2018 - PayPal closed deal to buy the iZettle, one of the best-known financial technology startups in Europe

High-dollar makes search more tourist and ' shorten ' travel time

5/18/2018 - The rise of the dollar, which has reached the highest quote since March 2016, is leading the search

Shopping experience is the current focus of investment in network technology ...

5/18/2018 - In recent years, the technology to raise productivity and reduce costs was the target of the superma

George Soros bets on Tesla

5/17/2018 - The investment firm of billionaire George Soros bought part of the debt issued by Tesla bonuses in t

Bunge does not issue shares in IPO of power plants in the country

5/17/2018 - Agribusiness Giant Bunge does not issue new shares in the IPO of your sugar and ethanol in Brazil, a

Recovery robots enter the "production line" the fintech Deal

5/17/2018 - Three years after your creation, the fintech Deal, digital renegotiation of debts, you just delivere

Pay less Reaches $1.5 Billion Revenue from R

5/17/2018 - The network of Pharmacies pay less accounts for R gross revenues $1.548 billion, according to the fi

Pet products market follows in high

5/17/2018 - The Brazil is already the world's third-largest market for products and services for pets, according

Ex-gradient, IGB did not pay annuity and has cancelled listing

5/16/2018 - The IGB electronics, owner of the brand of electronics, reported on Thursday (10), which was notifie

Cargo theft generated cost of R $1.5 billion in 2017

5/16/2018 - A R $1.570 billion. This is the balance of 25,970 cargo theft cases registered in Brazil just over t

Xerox Board says get better conditions with the Fujifilm

5/16/2018 - The Board of Xerox said this Wednesday (9) that you want to resume merger discussions with Fujifilm,

Retail is divided on effect of Copa in business

5/16/2018 - Missing 30 days to the start of the World Cup in Russia, the Brazilian retail sector is divided on h

Mother's day online sales rise 12%, says Ebit

5/16/2018 - E-commerce sales on mother's day 12% grew over the past year to 2.11 billion reais, according to a s

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