Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Franqueadoras do not follow the basic principles

The basic principle of the franchise is that an investor buy a tag and get basic information on how to work that thing and how you will manage it. And this happens with a lot of training and support. But according to Flavio Menezes, founding partner of Mark Lawyers, there's a lot of franchise that never opened shop and comes out franqueando. It was episodic, but now it happens all the time. Happened to a franchise of jewelry with an investment of R $300,000. "The main attribute was that they had a designer who produced the jewelry, with 5 baths with gold, but never had a single store. The business started selling well, but at one point the owner sent the while designer and started going on March 25 to buy the products and pass it on to the franchisees, which obviously began to realize. There it rained complaint to the franchisees, "says Flavio Menezes. To Mark Lawyers, this is an example that explains the reason for the growth of franchising in number of operations, but with the fall in sales. The company claims that the total retail sales, the franchise represents 35%, more than a third.
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