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One of the applications of the Teamsters granted by the federal Government to end the stoppage of 11 days, the tabelação minimum freight for the transport of road charges may have negative consequences for the economy. In the assessment of experts, in the short term the measure must generate impact on the price of consumer products, by making the costs of operation. And, in the long run, should generate unemployment in the sector. The ANTT (national agency of terrestrial transports) to disclose new table on Thursday, but last suspended. During the morning, the Agency met with representative entities of the charges for rediscussing the subject, but said that the meeting should not produce immediate effects. "The technical issues of the table will remain in discussion with the Agency and with the thread, in order to reach the solution to harmonize the interests of producers, transporters and society", reported, in a note. With the measure, the current table is disclosed on May 30. Prices vary according to the mileage and the type of cargo. According to the Director of the Setrans (Union of cargo Transport companies do Grande ABC) Fábio Brigídio, for companies whose truckers often make trips to the Interior of the country, freight costs can amount to double. "Each sector is a sector, needs to be examined on a case by case basis, but that logistics will make, it will." Brigídio explained that, for truck drivers who travel more in the State of São Paulo, the roads are better, and diesel prices, lower, compared to other parts of the Country. So those that carry goods in more distant regions pay more, which generated the election for shipping. However, he considers that the entity is against the page because the free competition and the market should regulate the prices, not the Government. "The price is a return to the past. The main impact in the medium and long term is unemployment. That's because it's going to be expensive for companies to hire freight, with serious risk to dispense with the services of truckers and maintain a fleet of its own. The consumer also ends up being penalized, and the Government has no structure to do this monitoring, "said the Economist and coordinator of the course of Administration of the Institute of Technology, Ricardo Balistiero, Mauá. HIGH PRICES-the economics professor and researcher of the Central Mackenzie of economic freedom Pedro Raffy Vartanian ponders the new table must already bring impacts on inflation next month. "We should have a greater effect on inflation, yet the strike, since some sectors take time to recover. The table of minimum freight rates should impact directly the products. " The CNI (Confederação Nacional da Indústria) will join in the next few days with an ADI (direct action of Unconstitutionality) in the STF (Supreme Federal Court) against the pegging. According to the entity, the measure is unconstitutional. Among the reasons listed are the disrespect to free enterprise, competition and contracts signed, what characterizes undue State intervention. "The price is unsustainable, because it causes extremely damaging losses to the economy, especially for the productive sector, and for the population," said the President of CNI, Robson Braga de Andrade. The Apas (São Paulo supermarket Association) also warned about impacts on prices of establishments, since the productive and industrial sectors signaled that the change encarecerá the goods in percentages that can reach up to two digits of increase. The high dollar could further complicate the situation. "As the supermarket sector is the last link in the chain of supply of the population, the Apas warns that, despite the efforts of supermarkets in always seek alternatives to offer better products and services to consumers, with the situation presented It will be impossible to hold the transfer prices, whose percentages are adjusted as the sector receiving the new tables from producers and industry, "said in a note.
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