Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Rupture in supermarkets has 31% recovery

A week after the end of the strike of truck drivers, the problem of the lack of products in supermarkets will be solved gradually. A survey of the Agentrics and Nielsen, based on movement of 25000 industry stores supermarket, points out that the recovery of rupture is at 31%, missing, therefore, 69% to get back to normal. The average supermarket sector breakdown is in 9.5%. Under 10.6% registered in the 30/05 day, but still far from the 7.1% recorded before the outage. The analysis shows that manufacturers and CDs already resumed supply, however consumers may still have difficulties to find variety of products. "As the industry suffered from the lack of raw material for production, should miss fragrances, flavours or presentations/packaging. These products can take about a month to be again on the shelves, "said Robson Munhoz, Vice President of operations of the Agentrics. In the case of categories of higher spin/basic products, the resumption of supply has been faster. Items such as rice, beans, fruits, vegetables and legumes have more than 60% recovery. It is expected that the availability of these products go back to normal total within 15 to 20 days.
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