Wednesday, June 13, 2018

With lower offer, price of chicken is on the rise

After accumulating fall since the beginning of the year, the price of frozen chicken sold at wholesale high of 44.48% registered in the State of São Paulo during the first 11 days of the month of June. The data are the Cepea (Center for advanced studies in applied economics) from Esalq-USP. The price of chicken cold also increased. In the first week after the Teamsters resume their activities, the readjustment was 12% in the State capital, according to the Foundation's information Procon-SP. The rise in the price of chicken at this time is a result of the Teamsters ' strike, during which 7% of production was lost. But in evaluating Maristela de Mello Martins, market analyst of the Cepea, the decrease in the inventory also allowed producers to pass on part of the accumulated loss due to high corn followed soy, and used for feed, and that, before the strike, was not passed because of the excess of birds on the market. One of the reasons for the great offer of chicken that had on the domestic market was the European Union's embargo on exports of refrigerators in April. For Ricardo Santin, ABPA Executive Director (Brazilian Association of Animal protein), the effects of the reequilibraram the strike price. "The chicken is going up, but it's a move to retake the values that could not be transferred because there was a lot of supply," he says.
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