Friday, August 17, 2018

OPENS 18 Brazilian Congress of Packing

The event in the Brazilian Congress of packaging is an event enshrined among executives of industries and consumer goods packaging for bringing first-hand a strategic vision about the direction of the consumer goods sector and supply, a market that moves annually more than R $800 billion reais in the country, and responsible for 70% of the demand of packaging produced. By means of lectures with renowned executives and thematic debate panels that will bring a multidisciplinary vision of different stakeholders of the business world, will be discussed the movements of society and the consumer goods market enhanced the new technological possibilities and what are the new drivers of development and opportunities for the entire chain. What were the transformations arising from technology permeated in our society and in the business world? As the production chain must prepare for an increasingly agile, integrated, organic and without barriers? What are the companies that are already seeking new paths? What are the new values that guide society and businesses? Scheduled to happen on days 11 and 12 September 2018, at the center of events, Fecomercio in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian Congress will bring together 400 businessmen OPENS packaging and professionals promoting a rich exchange of information and experiences for greater collaboration and synergy of the entire chain. The Congress will take place on days 11 and 12 September 2018-8:00 at 6:00 pm, downtown Fecomercio-Sao Paulo event | SP more info: Edna Amorim-11 3060-5511 | [email protected]
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