Friday, September 14, 2018

Diversified pharmaceutical market to grow at desaquecido

The pharmaceutical sector is diversifying the portfolio to continue growing. Manufacturers are betting on non-prescription drugs (MIPs) and generics in a time of retraction of consumption and exchange rate volatility. " We are diversifying to grow. We enter the generic market and we're doing all right, in the difficulties of the scenario ", says the commercial Vice President of Biolab, Carlos Capelli. In the first half, the company bought Actavis Brazil operation, which belonged to Israeli Teva, the world's largest manufacturer of generics. "Our perspective is to grow 11% in 2018. And that performance is more connected to the popular product, "Capelli. The acquisition also meant an expansion in the portfolio of drugs for the central nervous system. The Executive admits that the current foreign exchange instability is a concern in the industry, which imports most of your raw material. "We have the advantage of working with future, but we don't know until when it will allow to maintain stability. It's hard to produce raw material in Brazil, more than 90% is imported. " According to data from the Brazilian Association of Pharmacies and Drugstores (Abrafarma), the sale of medicines grew up 8.08% in the first half compared to the same period in 2017. The main thread is the MIPs, with 15.42% increase over the past year. "We expected a better growth, there's a crisis of confidence in Brazil and the consumer is withdrawn," said the ceo of Abrafarma, Sergio Mena Barreto, in a press conference. At the beginning of the year, the authority predicted growth of 10%. "I believe it will improve by the end of the year." The President of Cimed, John Adibe, says the company grows double the market, also betting on MIPS and generics. "The expectation is slightly higher than last year, reaching 30% growth. So far, the goal has been fulfilled. " In 2017, the Cimed grew 25%. "We work with generics and MIPs, retail diversification allows this growth. We also work with own distribution: we hit small, medium and large retailer more quickly, "he explains. Recently, Cimed announced the construction of a new factory in Pouso Alegre (MG). R $140 million will be invested in the work, expected to begin in 2020. The production will be focused on medicines, as dragees and effervescent solids, mainly for antidepressants and antibiotics. The CN Group Vice President, Marcus Sanchez says that the company is with good performance on all lines. "We must close with 15 percent expansion this year. We invest in research and developing and we're approaching the pharmacy networks. " However, he raised concerns about the appreciation of the dollar and taxes in the sector. "The currency influences, is directly linked to the cost of the product. It is also negative view high for a first necessity, must look to the health sector and do something about it. " The commercial Director of Sanofi, David Paterson, also points to strong growth. "All businesses are within expectation, generics, prescribing, MIPs and vaccines. There is a good demand for pharmacies and hospitals, "he points out. Oral health the President of Brazil, Luiz Tavares Sunstar, points out that the company, which operates in the market of oral health through the Gum brand, grew by over 90% over the last three years. "Despite the truckers ' strike, we are very pleased with our performance in 2018. Grew up above the pharmaceutical sector. " Tavares the Gum acts in four lines: adult, infant, orthodontics and interdental (alternatives to dental floss). "Our main commercial channel is the pharmacist. Then come the supermarkets and distributors. We also do a job with the dentists. " He explains that, to deal with the effects of Exchange variation, the company bet in constant releases. "We minimize the impact by increasing line. Every three months we bring something new. "
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