Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lack of confidence can affect end of year of the white line

The lack of consumer confidence worries manufacturers. The industry estimates that the political ambiguities generate a turbulent economic environment, endangering the growth in demand. "What most concerns the industry is uncertainty about the elections. The dollar, for example, is a byproduct of this uncertainty, "says the Director of the market research firm GfK, Henrique Malvar. He believes the industry should be more conservative in relation to sales of Black Friday, which occurs in November. "Hardly big bets are being made. We have election ahead, consumer confidence is falling in recent months and the current situation does not encourage to buy something that isn't very necessary. " According to a survey of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), the consumer confidence index fell to 0.4 point in the passage from July to August. Mascarenhas notes that even with the high-dollar and impact of prices of raw materials such as steel and plastic, sales could be positive in a scenario of greater confidence. "Even if the products increase a lot of price, due to the dollar or commodity consumers migrate to a smaller value." The President of the National Association of Manufacturers of electrical and electronic products (Down), José Jorge de Asis, admits that the devaluation has been a concern, but it's not the only problem. "Disrupts any industrial planning in the world, but is not the only factor. There is instability because of the elections, through the strike of truck drivers, the body of work makes us insecure economic environment. " The leader points out that the concern is the difficulty of passing on the high consumers in this scenario. "The main raw material of the line is the steel and other materials that are imported. You can't throw everything to the consumer, it may choose not to buy if the price increase too. The industry has to find other ways to cut costs. " Mascarenhas notes that, although the value of the dollar causes problems, you can mitigate its effects. "There are mechanisms such as currency hedging, negotiating with retailers and suppliers, to maintain stable margin. The dollar are not long-lasting surges, which affects the industry is that maintenance on a higher level. " He believes that there will be a clearer perspective after the elections. "If the population if animate with the result, you're going to have a good Black Friday, the conditions are bad. The thrills, but not economy grows; the interest rate is the lowest in history, and inflation is under control. The backdrop is not bad, the obstacle is the short term uncertainty ", he explains. Review of Birth growth reiterated that after a first quarter encouraging, the Teamsters ' strike losses impacted the sector as a whole. In collective of dissemination of the results of the first semester, in late July, the Shower had expressed the possibility of reviewing the expectation for 2018. "We expected growth of 10% to 15%. We're closing the August data, but from what we have so far, there is a bias. We thought it would be a year of recovery, but after the strike, the consumer came back to feel insecure. " Nevertheless, he states that the sales volume of televisions was within expectations. "The demand was in line with the expectation of a World Cup year," says Nadarajah. According to the entity, the total sales of TVs in the first half of the year was $6,290,000 units. In the same period last year, were sold 5,070,000 units.
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