Friday, September 28, 2018

Sale in Rio de Janeiro shrinks 4%

August recorded the eighth consecutive year negative result in sales of trade retailer of Rio de Janeiro. In the eight months compared to the same period last year there were 4.3% indentation. The fall of the month also was 4.3%, compared with the same month of 2017. The number is the result of research sales Thermometer released monthly by the Center for studies of the Club of Directors Retailers do Rio de Janeiro (CDLRio), which covers some 500 shops. The research also shows that all products for durable goods and nondurable goods recorded negative sales. The sectors that recorded the biggest falls in turnover in the business were hard (8.9%) mobile-optical (-7.4%), jewels ( -6%) and electrical appliances (-4.4%). In soft tissues were branch (-7.2%), footwear ( -5%) and clothing (-3.4%). According to the President of the CDLRio, Aldo Gonçalves, the negative performance of sales in the month of August is still reflecting the economic downturn, especially in the State of Rio, with high unemployment. "The crisis in which the State of Rio de Janeiro, the unbridled increase of peddlers and the growth of unemployment, remain strongly influencing the performance of sales", justified by way of note. Other indicators also according to the survey, the debts wiped clean in Commerce City shopkeeper grew 1.3% in August over the same month last year, according to the records of the Central Service of credit protection from CDLRio. Consultations (item that indicates the movement of the trade) retreated 6.1 percent and delinquencies increased 1.1%. Year to date, compared to the same period in 2017, the debts wiped clean and the bad debt grew, respectively, 1% and 1%, and consultations fell 6.1%. When comparing August with the previous month, CDLRio records show that the queries and defaults increased, respectively, 1% and 0.7%, and the debts wiped clean decreased 0.3%. Already according to the LINKED Check of the entity, in the same month, the consultations and the debts wiped clean decreased 9.6% respectively and 1.6% and delinquencies grew 1.3%.
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