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Broadband price fell 83%

3/29/2019 - The price of the fixed broadband in Brazil fell 83% from 2010 to 2018, according to the National Tel

Kroton Educacional has adjusted net income of R$403,4 mi in 4th Qtr

3/29/2019 - Kroton Educacional had adjusted net income of consolidated 403.4 million reais, falling 17,4% fourth

Own brands change supplements sales profile of CNS network

3/29/2019 - Under the Fund's control Homeland since 2016, the focus on own brands and in an audience that does n

Course WINS dispute over central North-South lot with lance R bi $2.719

3/29/2019 - With an offer of R $2.719 billion, the Course won the Crown by the central stretch of the North-Sout

Exports of orange juice from Brazil fall 11 percent from July to February, sa...

3/29/2019 - SAO PAULO (Reuters)-total exports of orange juice from Brazil, the largest global exporter of the pr

2019 Easter has partnership between Congraf and cocoa Show

3/29/2019 - This Easter, the Cocoa Show renewed the packaging of eggs of Lanut lines, Grancherry and Bendito Cac

Inflation of Easter Products have high of 17.15%

3/29/2019 - Between April 2018 and March 2019, inflation of most wanted Easter products presented high of 17.15

Boeing Announces 737 aircraft software update Max

3/28/2019 - Boeing reported Wednesday, 27, who reprogrammed your 737 aircraft Max software to prevent wrong data

Own brands change supplements sales profile of CNS network

3/28/2019 - Under the Fund's control Homeland since 2016, the focus on own brands and in an audience that does n

More than half of the companies should not take loan in 2019

3/28/2019 - More than half of Brazilian companies do not intend to take on new debt in 2019, according to a surv

Controller of Riachuelo Profits R $1.2 Billion

3/28/2019 - The Guararapes, controller of the fashion retailer Riachuelo, recorded a net profit of RS $1.2 bill

Arabica coffee has less value in more than 5 years in Brazil, points Cepea

3/28/2019 - The Arabica coffee, the more consumed in the world, reached the lowest value in more than 5 years in

Blue gives up partnership with the post office in cargo transport

3/28/2019 - The Blue Air company announced on Tuesday that dropped out of the planned partnership with the post

Average price of airfares increased 1% in 2018, says Faa

3/28/2019 - The National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) said on Wednesday (27) that the average price of tickets h

Natura partnered with Santander to offer 100% digital account to consultants

3/27/2019 - SAO PAULO (Reuters)-the Natura and the Santander Brazil signed a partnership to offer a digital 100%

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