Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Global automotive industry starts to have consumer in the business center

The global automotive industry goes through a real revolution. With different but equally important agendas, companies will have to invest resources in various areas to keep up with the demands of those who are now definitely in the spotlight: the consumer. "The automotive industry has always been grounded for the product and had the power to decide what the consumer wanted. But the client is increasingly empowered and, today, is definitely at the center of the business, "evaluates the industry leader at KPMG do Brasil, Ricardo Bacellar. For him, in Brazil and in the world the consumer began to put in the balance the possession of the car. "This is a very high cost of acquisition and maintenance, even more in a difficult scenario of economic crisis as we have here." To this, the executive adds the largest mobility offer in large centers. "On a global level, the culture of vehicle ownership is changing. The Brazilian desire to have a car is directly connected to the mobility offer, "he says. In this context, the expert observes that the industry has already understood the situation. "If companies bet on the same business model, they will have problems. Vehicles will continue to be sold, but increasingly less profitable. And not every automaer could survive that way. " In the search for the right model, the automakers and companies in the chain have invested in research, new segments and startups. "The industry is applying huge resources to aggregate more diverse services. We are discussing with the automakers what are these alternatives and a wrong bet will cost dearly, "says Bacellar. A recent example of this search – and that affected Brazil directly – was Ford's decision to get out globally from the heavy vehicle segment, which resulted in the announcement of the closing of the brand's truck factory in São Bernardo do Campo (SP). " There is a decentralisation movement of automotive poles around the world, not only in São Bernardo. Now, the city will have to win in services, like technology, for example, to take advantage of the base it has. It is an inevitable path ", analyzes the consultant of Sell Out 3 Arnaldo Brazil. Bacellar points out that in the country, no major brand has made the decision to close operations as occurred in Europe, for example. "Several factories and businesses have been repositioned in the global automotive industry. What happens in the sector is just a reflection of the game, "he notes.
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