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Nadir Figueiredo is sold to American group

7/18/2019 - The U.S. private equity group HIG Capital purchased the centenary Glass product manufacturer Nadir Figueiredo for R $836,270,000. In fact, Nadir Figueiredo stated that the sale was approved by shareholders holding 97.67% of the capital. The purchase will be made through Flamengo Participações, controlled by HIG Capital.

Cloud computing pulls SAP growth in Brazil in 2nd quarter

7/18/2019 - São Paulo – The German SAP, known for its financial management systems, advanced in the cloud computing segment during the second quarter of 2019. According to the company, the segment that grew more than 100% was the customer experience management, called the Customer Experience (CX).

Wheat crop from Paraná has a drop in quality and yield after Frost, says Deral

7/18/2019 - SÃO PAULO (Reuters)-The Brazilian wheat sector will face a crop with reductions in both quality and quantity in Paraná, after recent frost affects the main Brazilian producer state, the Department of Rural Economics (Deral) said in this Tuesday.

Cemig reduces slice on Light to 22.6% after stock offering

7/18/2019 - SÃO PAULO (Reuters)-state-owned mining company Cemig reduced its stake in Light electricity from almost 50% to 22.6%, after a public offer of shares closed on the eve, according to corporate announcements on Wednesday night.

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