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Survey says 70% of Brazilians do not use sunscreen every day and 80% don't kn...

1/22/2018 - Despite the need to fotoproteção be subject in the media, the number of Brazilians who don't apply sunscreen daily has increased dramatically this 2014 and already reaches almost 3/4 of the population, according to research led by a consultant and researcher in Cosmetology Lucas Paul, pharmaceutical and Scientific Director of the Institute of Cosmetology and Skin Sciences.

Price of school supplies rises and reduce margin to keep stores sale

1/22/2018 - The high cost of the main raw material, paper pulp, in recent months hit the nail on the head the price of most wanted items for back to school. The average increase passed by the industry, about 8%, was absorbed by the great stationery, they found alternative ways to win consumers who have researched more and more prices before buying.

Dispute between for Lactalis and Force the Itambé is far from over

1/22/2018 - Although the latest decision of Justice has been partially favourable to French for Lactalis, the dispute between the company and the Force, now controlled by Mexican Lala, involving the purchase of Itambé Food seems far from over.

Kellogg will invest R $250 million in the expansion of Parati

1/22/2018 - Kellogg, American food manufacturer, announced an investment of approximately R $215 million ($ $66 million at the exchange rate of the day) to expand the facilities of Parati, located in São Lourenço do Oeste (SC).

Mini markets generate more jobs than super and hypermarkets

1/22/2018 - The neighborhood stores, also known as mini markets, were responsible for generating 500 formal jobs by September 2017, against the closure of 3,237 jobs in super and hypermarkets in the State of São Paulo in Brazil. The survey was conducted by the APAS (São Paulo supermarket Association).

Coca-Cola invests R $1.6 billion in waste project

1/22/2018 - To help collect the equivalent of 100% of packaging that puts on the market until 2030, The Coca-Cola Company presented your new packaging policy. In Brazil, the company will invest R $1.6 billion in five years (2016-2020) in order to attain the goal, with actions on three fronts: design, collection, and partnership.

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