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OPENS 18 Brazilian Congress of Packing

8/17/2018 - The event in the Brazilian Congress of packaging is an event enshrined among executives of industries and consumer goods packaging for bringing first-hand a strategic vision about the direction of the consumer goods sector and supply, a market that moves

WEX and aims to Develop new card

8/17/2018 - The payments company WEX has developed, in partnership with Visa, YEX card. The new solution facilitates the payment, the anticipation and portability of wages, says the company. The service combines two products already offered by WEX: the account of payment of wages, which allows the company to perform

M&A in the ingredients should rotate R $780 mi in Brazil in 2 years

8/17/2018 - The food ingredients sector in Brazil has drawn attention from investors as companies, and it is expected that the volume of mergers and acquisitions transactions (M&A), only in that niche, get R $780 million over the next two years in the country. The

Grupo Abril negotiates contribution of up to £ $100 mi with distressed funds

8/17/2018 - The Grupo Abril, editing publications such as See and examination and that just ask for judicial reorganization, negotiates a contribution of $50 million to $100 million R R with distressed funds, those with expertise in recovering companies in special situation. Would be in rounds of talks names like Jive, Starboard, Prism, Legion Holdings, Fabio Carvalho, former President of Home Video, and other fund managers &. Sought, the April manifested itself. The funds also had no comment.

Pharmacies pay less R $1.6 billion Bill 2nd tri of 2018

8/17/2018 - The network of pharmacies pay less concluded the second quarter of the year with a high of 4.7% in gross revenue, compared with the same period in 2017, reaching the R $1.6 billion. Already the net profit reached $4.7 million R. The network still closed the period with 37 new stores, totalling 1,141 units in

Appreciation of the dollar could become the Brazilian wine more competitive

8/17/2018 - The oscillation of the dollar exchange rate can be an ally to sales of Brazilian wines this semester. The American currency appreciation should raise the prices of imported products on the shelves, favouring the consumption of drink manufactured in Brazil. "We hope to resume sales

ADM buys assets of Algar and expands presence

8/17/2018 - U.s.-based Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) yesterday announced the closing of a deal for purchase of units of brazilian soy processors Algar Agro, agro-food arm of Algar group, in a deal that should expand your "global footprint" in time of growing demand

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