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Brazil has the greatest potential in the world to biogas

2/15/2019 - The Brazilian Association of Biogas and Biomethane (ABiogás) will show the Brazilian potential in the area at the high-level Workshop on biogas, organized by the International Energy Agency (EIA), which takes place on Tuesday, 19, in France. Currently, Brazil presents the biggest world energy potential in biogas, with 84.6 billion normal cubic metre (Nm ³) per year between sanitation (7%), residues sucroenergéticos (48%) and agro-industrial waste (45%). This potential is capable of supplying alm

Green coffee exports Hit record high in January

2/15/2019 - The export of green coffee from Brazil totaled 3,050,000 bags of 60 kg in January, with a high of 20.3% compared to the same period in 2018, according to the Council of Brazil's coffee Exporters (Cecafé). The result is a record product shipments for the month. The total volumes, including green and industrialized, reached 3,285,000 sacks, 20.8% increase on the same comparison. Our expectation is that the performance of exports will remain positive for the rest of the coffee year, said President

Brazil stand out Internationally

2/15/2019 - Three Brazilian companies, for the first time, are among the 250 largest retailers in the world: Lojas Americanas (178 St), Drogasil Streak (223rd) and Magazine Luiza (249th). Walmart stands as the largest in the world. The lifting is present on the mighty Global retail research 2019, prepared by Deloitte, a global company that offers services such as auditing, business consulting and financial advisory services. In fiscal year 2017, the 250 largest retailers have generated revenue of $ aggrega

Wine market transformation leads to an improvement in consumption in the country

2/15/2019 - The wine market is going through a transformation in the country. Increasingly robust harvests, investments in the production of national labels and expansion of product culture among Brazilians have spurred companies in the industry, designing aci growth

Search for organic production does grow and supermarkets invest in local part...

2/15/2019 - Organic products are those made ' in natura or processed, obtained in organic agricultural production system or from sustainable extractive process and not detrimental to the local ecosystem. To be marketed, these products must be certified by accredited bodies in the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and food supply (Mapa). In Cuiaba, the supermarket chain BigLar offers these items, at least six production areas in Mato Grosso.

Easter egg consumption to grow back in 2019

2/15/2019 - After the Easter period of recent years to be marked by "souvenirs" in view of the crisis, manufacturers predict resumption of consumption in categories with higher added value. In addition to sophisticated ingredients, brands want to conquer the adult audience with free gifts such as movie tickets and streaming subscription for a month.

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