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Anvisa approves new rules for cigarettes

1/19/2018 - The collegiate Board of Anvisa (national health surveillance Agency) approved on Tuesday (16/1) resolution that brings new rules of exhibition and marketing of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Unanimously, the directors of the Agency agreed to the vote of the rapporteur, Fernando Mendes, by regulating the way cigarette packs must be exposed in sale.

Supermarkets can be fined because of vacancies in parking lots

1/19/2018 - Since September 1 last year the regulators can fine supermarkets that don't fit the new models of vague signs for elderly and disabled people, in compliance with the Law, 13,146 06 July 2015, establishing the Brazilian Law of inclusion of Pe ssoa with disabilities.

Long neck beer draft type-transparent

1/19/2018 - Targeting the premium market track, Petrópolis Brewery has added a new brand to your portfolio of products: beer Itaipava Go, type draft, softer. Voss in long neck bottles with unique design, the new beer's labels with the colors Blue, red and cream, in bright tones, in which the Crown-symbol of Itaipava brand is printed in relief. Itaipava Go Draft will be distributed initially in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and is expected to expand to the main points of sale in the country during the

Citrus: With weakened demand, quotes from Orange retreat

1/19/2018 - The rainfall recorded in the State of São Paulo have impacted the demand for citrus, which presses the values of Orange, as researchers from the Cepea.

Sales of bags and purses should grow up 157% in January

1/19/2018 - Despite the hangover after Christmas, sales of handbags, purses and accessories attention in January. Research of Digital Commerce, which provides Rakuten technology for the virtual stores, shows that sales of e-commerce with the sale of these products is expected to grow 157% compared to the monthly average observed in 2017.

Sale of book rises above inflation in 2017

1/19/2018 - Deteriorated since the beginning of the crisis, the book market surged to 6.15 percent in turnover last year, an increase of $98 million R before 2016. Since the annual survey of this thread began to be held in 2013, this is the first time that the balance sheet presents positive data above the cumulative inflation in 12 months.

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