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Exports of beef to Arabs Grow

4/24/2018 - Beef exports to the Arab world advanced 37.59% in the first quarter of 2018, compared with the same period last year-closing at $ $189,750,000. In volume, the high reached 58.96%, total 48510 tons.

Dona Look cleaner, Reckitt see recipe grow in Q1

4/24/2018 - The British consumer goods company Reckitt Benckiser informed this Friday (20) that the revenue increased 23 percent in the first quarter, compared with the same period of 2017, for 3.1 billion pounds ($ $4.4 billion).

Raízen buy refining and distribution assets of Shell in Argentina for $ $950 mi

4/24/2018 - Raízen and Fuels your Raízen subsidiary Argentina Holdings, Raízen group, signed a contract for the acquisition of Shell's downstream business in Argentina, for $ $950 million. As material fact disclosed by the company, the Shell will continue downstream market gift of Argentina as a shareholder of Raízen.

Whirlpool sells Embraco to Japanese Nidec for $ $1.08 bi

4/24/2018 - U.s.-based Whirlpool announced earlier agreement with the Japanese Nidec Corp. for sale of Embraco, compressor business unit, for $ $1.08 billion. As relevant, the amount is subject to the usual adjustments for working capital and debt.

VW: Brazil needs to tackle infrastructure bottlenecks to compete

4/24/2018 - To show the difficulties of automakers installed in Brazil to compete with others around the world, the President of Volkswagen in South America, Pablo Di Si, turned to football. We can't play against Barcelona or Real Madrid and be the Fourth Division of Brazil or Argentina, said on Monday, 23, the Executive, who is Argentine and was a football player before entering the business world.

Event opens

4/25/2018 - 2017 was a year above expectations for the pharmaceutical industry, which had a significant growth between January and November. According to the data released, the retail pharmacist grew up 12.86 percent in these eleven months compared to the same period in 2016.

Suavecel launches campaign in Angola for the personal hygiene market

4/25/2018 - After Spain, Angola is the main export market of Suavecel, which produces toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and paper towels, which the group sees as a priority, solid and growing. The communication campaign launched this month highlights the smoothness of Suavecel products and is conveyed in major Angolan media, including television, radio, billboards, press and online.

Sales for mother's day on the River should rise between 3% to 5%

4/25/2018 - Sales of the Rio de Janeiro trade should grow 3% to 5% on the day, according to a study from the Center for the study of the Club of Directors Retailers do Rio de Janeiro (CDLRio).

Tv trade grow 32% in the free market

4/25/2018 - The Brazilians are starting to prepare to not miss any of the world's biggest football competition. According to the Free Market, sales by TVs recorded a growth of 32% between March 13 and April 10 in relation to the previous 30 days. The main attractions were the Smart TVs account for 71% of sales, and models with 4 k resolution, ultra HD, which represented 27% of the items sold in the period. The games to be held in Russia will begin on June 14.

Carrefour creates e-commerce for food products

4/25/2018 - The French retailer yesterday announced the beginning of sales of food online, before only available via application, the same site where already sells non-food items, such as domestic utilities and electronics.

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