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Carrefour Promotes action with Campari Drinks

2/23/2017 - Carrefour stores in the State of São Paulo, between 21 and 28 this month, the campaign "Monte Bar". The action has the dynamic buy and win in exclusive partnership with the Campari Group and is valid for supermarkets and hypermarkets. With the purchase of two labels of participating brands, Sky, Sagatiba and Campari, the client wins the third item free of charge. The Carrefour is the customer who determines which labels will be part of your promotion, because it offers freedom to choose the same

Gruppo Campari purchase uk brand of premium Gin

2/17/2017 - The Gruppo Campari and the Bullgod London Dry Gin announced this month the signing of a definitive agreement in which the Campari acquires most of the assets of the brand of gin, independently-owned, for $55 million, in addition to assume the liabilities and working capital by approximately $3,400,000.

Amazon launches new own-brand foods

1/10/2017 - After causing an uproar in the middle with the opening of retailer Amazon Go, opened in December in Seattle, in the United States, the American giant continues investment in food retail. This time Amazon has strengthened its brand strategy with the launch of a range of foods marketed with the name Wickedly Prime. This brand portfolio includes snacks, appetizers and dried fruit. In the summer of last year, Amazon released the coffees Haapy Belly and the papas Mama Bear. Sells a brand of deterg

Gruppo Campari presents new packaging of cachaça Sagatiba

9/20/2016 - Cachaça Sagatiba presents news for consumers, with a visual identity totally remodeled.

General Mills launches Yoki Arracacha Extra-fine Wool Premium

10/22/2014 - General Mills launches in Brazil the Yoki Arracacha Premium Extra-fine Wool. The news increases the accompaniments of the brand portfolio. The novelty brings the seal "made with real Arracacha".

PepsiCo brings Doritos Power for Brazil

10/2/2014 - PepsiCo brings to Brazil the Doritos Power, version with larger than standard tortillas, more intense flavor and consistency more crunchy. The product is available in the Southeast, South and Midwest. The novelty in the line arrives in Mexican and Steak Taco Grill options, reinforcing the global brand concept "for the strong".

Crocantíssimo WINS Edition in honor of the NBA

9/23/2014 - Crocantíssimo, snack brand of Grupo Bimbo, launches the NBA flavor Barbecue Ribs especially for the 2014 season of NBA Global Games River. Official sponsor of the American Basketball League from 2013, Crocantíssimo brings the taste of ribs with barbecue sauce, typical dish of NBA basketball arenas. The chip is on the market until December.

Ruffles introduces new flavors with the Extreme version

9/11/2014 - Ruffles, PepsiCo's snack brand, launches the potatoes Ruffles Extreme.

Cone-shaped snack is the novelty of the General Mills

9/2/2014 - General Mills introduces to the Brazilian market the Bugles, cone-shaped chips developed for the premium market.

Dori presents brand new Qdiverte! for peanuts

8/26/2014 - The Dori has created a new line called Qdiverte. who will appoint all brand peanut snacks. Confeitadas versions, colored chocolate and become part of it, that won more modern packaging and branding, with a strong identification with the children. The series will also feature a special edition of desserts, with confections in flavors passion fruit mousse, strawberry pie and key lime pie.

General Mills launches snack food Bugles

8/25/2014 - The company presents to the Brazilian market the Bugles, chips developed for the premium market, in the form of cone.

Coxinha Du Chef throws 7 flavors frozen in boxes with 28 and 350 units

8/11/2014 - Customers requested and the Coxinha Du Chef-franchise network of drumsticks sold in cone-answered. From now on, the eight stores of the network it is possible to take the drumsticks frozen home in 7 different flavors: chicken, cheese, pepperoni, parmesan, kibe and the unusual and unique sweet drumsticks-Brigadier and dulce de leche. Each box comes with 28 units, but you can also buy the drumsticks for parties, in packages of 350 units.

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