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IPCA to 2017 Has 4.15% projection

3/22/2017 - According to the research Focus, held by the Central Bank, financial market analysts reduced expectations of the national consumer price index (IPCA) of the year. For 2017, the index was 4.19% to 4.15%-last month, the prediction was at 4.43%. Already the projection for the IPCA of 2018 remained at 4.5%. Still following the line of the market projections to 2017, it is expected that inflation will slow down and stay away from the target of 4.5%, scheduled for the following year.

Economists estimate the 13.5% in 2016 Selic

11/1/2016 - Economists from financial institutions retained the expectantly of 0.50 percentage point cut in the prime rate at the last meeting of Copom (monetary policy Committee) this year, but lowered the expectation for the end of 2017. If confirmed the projection pointed to the research Focus of the Central Bank of this Monday (31/10) to the Copom meeting on 29 and 30 November, the Selic will end the year at 13.5%.

Bulletin Focus market raises inflation projection to 7.31% in year

8/16/2016 - Second Focus Bulletin released on Monday (15), after prices accelerate in July, revised projections for the end of this year. Economists and financial institutions consulted by the Central Bank also improved forecast for economic activity shrank in 2016. The weekly survey showed the Outlook for inflation increased from 7.20% to 7.31%. For 2017, was maintained at 5.14%, and in 2018, is expected to remain in the center of the goal of the Government, which is 4.5%. The increased projection occurs a

IPCA to 7.59% for 2016 fell 7.46%, points Focus report

3/16/2016 - The financial market did, last week a review motion down inflation expectations. The median of projections for the IPCA of 2016 had a fall in Market Focus report released on the morning of Monday, 14, by the Central Bank. Now, the rate is at 7.46%, up from 7.59% from last week and 7.61 percent four weeks ago.

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