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House of shrimp emits less CO ² and reduces expenses

10/10/2017 - São Paulo-before the recession, the power House of shrimp net invested in activities that reduce costs and were sustainable. After allocating R $150,000 to the hiring of a renewable energy to the distribution center (DC) and the Central food production (CPA), the company stopped issuing 121.7 tons of CO ².

House of shrimp invests in two new lines

5/10/2017 - With an investment of about R $1.5 million, the brazilian seafood network introduces two new lines that will be the company''s bets for this year, they are: the line of drumsticks with two flavors of shrimp and cod and frozen ready meals, complete, already available in 5 flavors and two side dishes.

King of the Kill Throws Salted line Integrals

9/19/2016 - The King of the Kill broadens its portfolio and now offers a new line of snacks. The new options have difference in the preparation of the mass, where the wholemeal flour replaces the traditional, thus ensuring that the food has more vitamins, minerals and fiber. There are three unique flavors, specially developed to the full line, they are: Broccoli, corn with cream cheese and shrimp. Currently, the King of the Kill has over 340 stores in 17 States of the country.

Supply of frozen folds in house of shrimp

7/1/2016 - In this month of June, the traditional network of restaurants House of shrimp has invested 1.5 million R$ to double your mix of frozen products and also to bring the most sophisticated dishes. The investment marks the anniversary of 32 years of the company.

House of shrimp bet in new business front

11/17/2015 - After verticalization of operations two years ago with the purchase of a refrigerator in Beberibe (EC), the House of shrimp aims to circumvent the Brazilian crisis becoming a peculiar fish industry, with direct sales over the internet.

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