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Nestlé promises to make all packaging recyclable until 2025

4/11/2018 - Zurich (Reuters)-Nestle wants to make all packaging recyclable? or reusable? until 2025, said the Swiss food giant said Tuesday, becoming the latest company to commit to reduce plastic waste. Nevertheless, environmentalists criticized the plan for lack of substance.

CADE approves purchase of Itambé at the French group for Lactalis

2/1/2018 - SAO PAULO-the supervision of the Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) approved without restrictions by the French group purchase for Lactalis of 100% of milk-producing Itambé, according to dispatches published in the Diário Oficial da União This Tuesday.

Brazil is not among the countries affected with recall for Lactalis

1/16/2018 - The for Lactalis informed the Value that Brazil is not part of the list of 83 countries where did recall of milk powder by salmonella problems. So far, the infant milk powder in question contaminated with salmonella in babies 35 France, two in Spain and there is a suspected case in Greece.

Given the lack of milk in 2016, La Serenissima brought 80% of the raw materi...

10/26/2017 - La Serenissima is the main dairy brand from argentina Mastellone Hermanos. There, the name is spelled with an "s", It spread on pancakes.

Dairy industry asks the Government to import Uruguayan milk quota

8/31/2017 - Esteio (RS)-the productive chain of the dairy sector claimed the federal Government negotiating quotas to limit the entry of Uruguay''s milk powder in the Brazilian market.

Volume exported by Brazil dairy fell 37.7% in July

8/10/2017 - Dairy exports by Brazil, according to the Ministry of industry, Trade and services, amounted to $ $6,06 million in July.

Dairy sector suffers effects of the crisis and saw foreign target companies

7/25/2017 - São Paulo-On the slow recovery of the domestic economy, a mergers and acquisitions can shake the dairy market. Foreign groups are slices of Brazilian companies, which this year will still suffer the effects of the crisis, say executives.

Nestlé attracts more 7 farms to organic milk production

7/19/2017 - Nestlé Brazil closed the last 10 days contract with seven new producers in São Paulo interested in converting their properties to organic milk production. With them are 18 contracted farms, representing now, 16000 liters per day.

Price of milk to the producer must decrease 7.4%

7/7/2017 - Sao Paulo-the price paid to the producer by the liter of milk must retreat 7.4% over the next three months. As projection of the Association of Small dairy Industries of Rio Grande do Sul (Apil), the value can drop to R $1.25 per litre.

Basket has high of 0.33% in may, says Procon-SP

6/14/2017 - São Paulo – São Paulo basket ended may with a high of 0.33% in comparison with the previous month, according to the Foundation''s research Procon-SP.

Nestlé will elevate food analysis capabilities with new drive in Brazil

5/24/2017 - SÃO PAULO-provide food fresh and increasingly safe with greater agility quality analyses--these are some of the reasons behind investments of about 20 million reals of Nestlé in expanding your Technology and quality Center, which will operate in São Paulo.

For Lactalis is closer to Nestlé in raising milk

4/19/2017 - The decline in milk production in the country last year, it generated strong periods for the raw material on the market did retreat raising milk from 15 companies of Brazil dairy in 2016. According to the ranking of Brazil-Milk producers association, the 15 biggest dairy companies captured together 9.667 billion liters of milk in 2016, a retraction of 1.9% on the previous year.

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