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Just buy Giraffas network chicken egg created out of cage

The fast-food network Giraffas announced that from 2025 will only buy eggs from chickens created out of cages. The action follows the global trend to serve customers looking for products that respect animal welfare. With more than 410 stores in the country, the use of 7 million eggs Giraffas per year and to suit the new policy within eight years, the network has partnered with the Humane Society International (HSI). "In regions where there are suppliers to adopt this policy, we will make a project in partnership with the HSI for support in adapting their production system", said the Director of suppliers of Giraffas, Luiz Lencioni. Last year Burger King announced to 2025 the order the purchase of chicken eggs and pigs whose matrices are tiny bays in maternity wards. The following month it was the turn of the Arc Dorados, controller of the McDonald''s in Latin America, announce to the 2025 buying eggs from caged creations. The International Meal Company, owner of the roasted chicken, Vienna and other networks also will stop buying eggs in these conditions in 2022.
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