segunda-feira, 17 de abril, 2017

Sale of Eggs 12% drop in Records RS

Sales of Easter eggs in Rio Grande do Sul are down 12% compared to last year, selling 6,500,000 of chocolate eggs, according to balance sheet released yesterday (16) by the President of the State Association of Supermarkets (Agas), Antonio Cesa Long. "Unlike other years, retailers and industry defined with precision the mix and quantity of eggs exposed. While in previous years the leftover chocolate eggs after Easter Sunday reached 4%, this year the remainder shall not exceed 1%, "says Long. "The industry sold 6 million of candy boxes, similar to the number of Easter eggs." reveals the President of Agas. Already sales of so-called "premium eggs", with greater added value, remained stable in relation to 2016, and represented around 15% of the total number of eggs marketed.
Good Friday according to the President of the entity, to Friday (15), the industry sold 520 tons of fish, in addition to wines and olive oils. "This was a weekend of a lot of family celebrations and less chocolate," sums up Long. Another typical product of the date, the Paschal colombas had sales similar to last year. "Listen to a preview of the exhibition of this product, which enabled people to acquire the colombas as gift option," says the President of Agas.
Giro News - 17/04/2017
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