sexta-feira, 12 de janeiro, 2018

Bankruptcy orders 18% in 2017 Retreat

Applications for bankruptcy in Brazil retreated 18% in 2017. Requests for judicial reorganization fell 23.7%. The survey was conducted by the Boa Vista SCPC. According to the entity, bankruptcies increased by 2.9% and ordered requests for deferred recovery 18.9% retreated. In the Division by sector of the economy, the industry accounted for 30% of applications for bankruptcy in 2017, compared with 37% in the previous year. The slice of applications represented by trade, came out of 24% to 26%. The service sector, accounted for 44% of applications for bankruptcy in 2017, compared with 39% in 2016. Among the requests for judicial recovery, companies in the service sector accounted for 44% of the total compared with 41 percent a year earlier, while the share of industry fell from 26% to 24% and 33% resolving trade for 32%.
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