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According to the company, the big bet is the category of mixed drinks, premium beer and appetizers. For the category of beer, networks design, together, an expected 5 percent growth in pilsen, premium and special. The strong appeal of summer is the traditional Skol Beats-with exclusive launch for the network in the flavors Skol Beats Fire and Frost. In addition, he invested in the line of premium beers such as Budweiser, which have and Coronita increase in consumption during this period. Also in the line of Pilsen beers, the brands will launch, in partnership with Ambev, a new Skol, exclusive product for company networks. The Skol Flint 275 ml is a beer with packaging remodeled and turned to summer. For that category, all the Extra Mini stores and Minute Pão de Açúcar do Estado de São Paulo prepared a promotion valid for the period between 08/02 and 18/02: the client to buy 15 units of beer of any brand and type WINS a cup with support to enjoy the Carnival. Already in all supermarkets, with the purchase of Extra three boxes of Skol the customer free one inflatable cooler. In buying two boxes of Skol, the client take a unique Skol Cup free to enjoy the revelry. Distillates and alcoholic not other bets to the folia are in hot drinks, particularly in traditional and high marks among youth, as Gin Torquay and Catuaba Wild Pina Colada, which is just two months on the market. In addition, the Half Crown (Gin), import the network itself. Extra and Pão de Açúcar also expect a 15% increase in sales of vodka. This year, the Extra focus on brands like Smirnoff, Askov, Sky and import products of its own, primarily from Russia. The network also brings an offer focused on revelers: flavored vodka Askov (900 ml), which will cost less than R $10.00. Already the Sugarloaf bet on brands like Ciroc, Absolut and Smirnoff. In the section of whiskies, the expected increase is 10%. With the expected growth for the distillate, also increase expectations for the sale of the energy bet 30% more in comparison with the last year. A bet networks in this segment is the Red Bull energy drink. In addition, there are the marks and Fusion Monster. In the category of non-alcoholics, the networks are betting on a 15% increase in sales of water and 20% in the category of ready-to-drink juices and integrals, with emphasis on the flavors grape, Orange and Apple, considered the preferred by customers. With packaging for immediate consumption are with differentiated offerings like juices integrals, Line of good, Natural Farm, Aurora among others.
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