quinta-feira, 08 de fevereiro, 2018

Volume purchased increases but expenses fall

After a period of stagnation, the brazilian economy gradually shows signs of recovery, notably because of the fall in inflation. The consumption of fast consumption products (FMCG), that has been reheated, recorded an increase of volume in tons of 2.2% in the months of September, October and November 2017 as compared with the same period last year. When analyzed mobile year from December to November 2017 X 2016, there was growth of 1.4%. The data were calculated by the Consumer, by study Thermometer Kantar Worldpanel: consumer. The analysis revealed that the amount spent by Brazilians in the short-term fell, mainly perishable products – fall of 5.9%. In total the basket, the index stood at-0.5%. Hygiene and beauty also feature negative numbers, with-1.1%. The data report that in the period under examination the healthy drinks, like coconut water and liquid tea, gained strength within the Brazilian households, especially among new buyers of all socio-economic levels. Already the milk comes pulling in retraction value. When analyzed the sales channels, neighbourhood and supermarket pharmacies have excelled in the long run – traditional retail was the most recorded fall, already the door-to-door recorded the worst performance in the short term. The research also highlights that the brands accessible success among Brazilians in the studied period, growing 3 percentage points in value above the basket in the country – the largest part of the increase can be credited primarily to local brands. Even so there is still room for the premium brands, who managed to grow 40% in value, via promotion.
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