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Purchase of the Vult puts the Apothecary in Northeast

The announcement of acquisition of trademark cosmetics group Apothecary will Vult giant of industry in greater evidence in the Northeast. The Vult, known for strong distribution channel and presence in drugstores will accelerate the Apothecary's plans to grow beyond the Southeast region. "The acquisition is no surprise. The News has a good presence in retailers specialize in beauty located in northeastern Brazil, a region more challenging for the Apothecary sell items more expensive colors cosmetics under the brand name Apothecary ", commented the senior research analyst Euromonitor International's comments, Elton Morimitsu. According to him, the Vult is known for the strength of distribution, including independent pharmacies. "The Apothecary can harness the knowledge of the Vult on that channel to further enhance sales of its existing products of the brands Apothecary and Eudora. The News has a more affordable price than the price observed in the Apothecary Group plus a good cost-benefit ratio, which could increase the medium and low income clients in Group Apothecary ", he commented, comparing the acquisition with the action of L ' Oréal , which in 2014 acquired Niely to explore new markets. The Vult, which operates since 2004, won capilarade very fast in the Brazilian market, and today is present in over 35000 points of sale. "The arrival of the Vult complements our portfolio and strengthen our business, which is multibrand and multi-channel," said group Chairman Apothecary, Artur Grynbaum, in a note. "Our Union to the Group strengthens the Apothecary brand. We will follow in the company to leverage our growth in the years to come, "the founders of the Vult, Murilo Reggiani and Daniela Cruz. The Apothecary Group currently controls five business units-O Boticário, Eudora, who said, berenice, The Beauty Box and Multi b. Apothecary group market size is the 3rd largest color cosmetics company in Brazil and is the 6th largest Vult. With the purchase, the group goes to the Apothecary 2nd place with 15.3% of market share. "The Vult grew among adolescents and young people with affordable prices and strong communication efforts [in mass media programmes, such as Cauldron and Disney Radio of Luciano Huck]. Also grew with the presence in clothing stores, like Renner, Riachuelo, Luigi Bertolli, besides targeting reach grocery retailers in the short term, "commented the Euromonitor Research Manager, Alexis Frick.
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