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3corações's net profit rises 36% in 2017

The coffee maker and food 3corações had net profits of R $256 million last year, high of 35.6% from 2016. In the period, the company had a growth of 19.1% on your net revenues, which reached R $3.71 billion. The company's costs have risen in proportion below sales and, with that, the Three Hearts recorded a high of 26% in operating profit (before interest and taxes), for $321.2 million. At the end of last year, the gross debt of 3corações totaled R $375,750,000, R $57 million to less than a year before. The company had in R $113,110,000 box to honor R $224.2 million in financial commitments with short-term maturity. Net worth in 2017 stayed in R $1.64 billion. Joint venture between San Miguel and the Israeli Holding Company Strauss, 3corações owns the brands of coffee Santa Clara, Kimimo, Três Corações, Main and fine Grain, Pimpernel, among others. The company is the largest of Brazil's coffee and also operates in the segments of soda powder, chocolate, seasonings and corn derivatives.
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