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Roles of food and oil companies are the most influenced

A possible trade retaliation measures increase (rates) between the United States and China may cause an adjustment in asset prices in the main markets of equities worldwide, including in Brazil.
Since April 2, when China retaliated by the United States with tariffs on American products, 128 global markets realized an increase of climbing in the commercial tensions between the two major powers, and reacted with volatility.
In the view of experts consulted by the DCI, in General, all markets of the world will be affected by a trade war more effectively. In Brazil, at first, food sector companies [meats, soy] can be benefited.
"Unless the geopolitical tension surrounding the Syria [high factor of barrel]; oil prices in the international market should fall, and how Petrobras has strong correlation with the value of the commodity, the State brazilian papers would be affected, "said the Director of the Global Release, Leandro Ruschell.
It is worth remembering that the roles of Petrobras have a 11.12% weight in the composition of Ibovespa, the brazilian Stock Exchange stock index, and a slice of 4.70% in shares with voting rights (ON) and 6.42% on preferred shares (PN).
In the composition of the index 100 Brazil (IBR-x 100), the roles of the food sector for export are represented by BRF ON, JBS, Marfrig and Minerva ON ON. The Ibovespa, the BRF ON has weight of 1.238%, followed by JBS and Marfrig 1.022% ON with ON with participation of 0.237%.
In the opinion of the risk is widespread Ruschell, but he considered that China has no interest in this trade war. "Today, China depends on the United States, more than the other way around, and maybe get a negotiated settlement," the Director.
But he warns that "tweets" of u.s. President Donald Trump about the trade war with China and about Syria can cause a lot of volatility. "There is a rational strategy of Trump, he acts like he can act in their business. It was tough on North Korea, and probably the dictator Kim Jong Un end up accepting a deal [with South Korea] interesting for everyone ", exemplified Ruschell.
The Director CITES that Trump Government argues that China has access to international markets, as the American and European market, but, at the same time, gives access to your own market, American companies like Google, Uber, Facebook, between others were not allowed to enter the Chinese market. "China does not respect intellectual property. Companies are used, there is a transfer of intellectual property and technology after Chinese companies sell their products using this intellectual property to the West without the due payment of the copyright "punctuates Ruschel.
He recalled that the American President has lowered rates involving a surcharge of $ $50 billion in various Chinese products. "China responded at first by putting u.s. import tariffs as pork and other commodities and introduced new tariffs in a larger series of products, such as aircraft and higher value-added products," he said.
Increase the concerns
In a report released yesterday, the Chief Operating Officer of Mirae Asset, Pablo Stipanicic Spyer commented also the escalation of concerns in global markets. "The increased tension in the Middle East, in the midst of a geopolitical conflict involving United States and Russia, for the sake of Syria, in addition to a troubled political scene at the White House and to the schedule of the Federal Reserve (Fed), which already considers a more monetary tightening fast "reported.
"Facing this growing list of flashpoints of tension, investors are back on the defensive, waiting for a u.s. attack to the Assad regime, which may provoke a reaction from Moscow. The main European stock exchanges dragged [yesterday] after a session of losses on the other side of the world, where the bags fell from Tokyo to the Australia, "says Spyer.
Yesterday afternoon, before a pause in the war rhetoric to Trump, the price of Brent fell 0.06% to $ $72.02 per barrel. Although, the WTI for may climbed 0.37 percent. In Brazil, Petrobras PN closed in fall of 0.55%, R $21.68.
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