terça-feira, 29 de maio, 2018

Animal protein production can take months to recover, says Association

For lack of transport, due to the blocking of highways by truckers on strike, thousands of tons of food are threatened with losing the expiration date. According to the ABPA (Brazilian Association of Animal protein), the animal mortality is also a reality due to the lack of minimally acceptable conditions of space and amount of feed. Right now, 1 billion birds and 20 million pigs are receiving insufficient diet according to the entity. By the last balance sheet of the ABPA, 64 million of adult birds and chicks have died, and a larger number must be sacrificed in order to comply with the recommendations of the World Organisation for Animal Health and sanitary standards in force in Brazil. Millions of pigs are also threatened. The principal explains that the animal mortality creates a serious barrier to the recovery of production in the coming weeks and months. "The pork, chicken and eggs, proteins that were once plentiful and affordable, can become significantly more expensive to the consumer if the strike extends even further. The old ghost of inflation may haunt the country, at least until the restoration of production ", regrets the ABPA in one of the stretch of open letter released to the press. The Brazilian Association of Animal protein that the food shortage, which has impacted also supermarkets, is because thousands of tons of meat and other products are no longer transported to distribution centres since the beginning of the strike, on May 21. "Thousands of tonnes were produced by the factories, which were forced to halt production for failing to more where stocking products," laments the ABPA. Representatives of the Teamsters were willing to end the strike as soon as they were published in the Official Gazette the measures announced last night by President Michel Temer, which expanded the list of concessions bowing to most claims of category. Nevertheless, this morning there were still protests in 18 States and the Federal District.
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