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Cargo theft generated cost of R $1.5 billion in 2017

A R $1.570 billion. This is the balance of 25,970 cargo theft cases registered in Brazil just over the past year, 1,407 more than the registered in 2016. The survey is the National Association of road transport and logistics, the NTC & logistics. The States of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo account for 81.56% of cases, which put the East on top of the list of the regions with the highest incidence of robberies. More target loads are food products, cigarettes, fuel, electronic items, pharmaceutical items, beverages, textiles and apparel, auto parts and chemicals. "The situation is very worrying and has been worsening year after year. Measures need to be taken urgently to make the transportation of security in the country ", afirmaPaulo Roberto de Souza, NTC's Security Advisor.
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