terça-feira, 15 de maio, 2018

Most Brazilians use credit to buy on impulse

Brazilian likes to consume, even in tight budget times. The ' way ' is to use the credit, but that's not been done just for the purchase of essential items. Brazil and the SPC CNDL (National Confederation of store managers) shows that six out of 10 Brazilians used credit in the month of February to make purchases on impulse that could compromise the budget. Clothing, footwear and accessories were the most common products, having been acquired in unscheduled shopping of 19% of the respondents. But then immediately appear on the spur of the moment purchases in supermarkets, performed by 17% of the respondents, higher index to those who, on impulse, led perfumes or went to bars and restaurants. "Consumers are walking on the edge. The easy credit leads to impulsive buying, "says Marcela Kawauti, Chief Economist of the SPC Brazil. According to him, the decision to use credit card to pay for purchases in supermarket brings risks to the consumer. "It's a recurring expense. When you use the easy credit to those everyday purchases, if you have an accident, you can curl, analyzes. Made by internet, the research heard 910 people between 8 and 22 March.
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