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Retail is divided on effect of Copa in business

Missing 30 days to the start of the World Cup in Russia, the Brazilian retail sector is divided on how are sales in the period. While 33% of entrepreneurs expect increase in sales during the World Cup, 19% projected drop in business in the period. The information is from the National Confederation of Merchants Leaders (CNDL) and also a large share (47%) of respondents who do not provide world's impact on your business. The indicator, which measures the optimism with sales of micro and small entrepreneurs, reports an estimated 27% growth in sales during games, when compared with a normal month for the industry. Among the most optimistic about sales include entrepreneurs with operations of seasonal slant, as souvenirs (80%), informal trade (72%), restaurants and bars (68%), supermarkets (66%), Commerce (57%) and transportation (51%). "The World Cup always injects spirit into the economy and should warm up the trade and services sectors, which are a opportunity generated by the climate of euphoria of twisted with the celebrations after the matches," the President of the SPC, Roque Brazil Pellizzaro Junior. Within the four lines other data curious shows that 29% of respondents the sales increase of the own business with the World Cup depends on the performance of the brazilian selection in lawns, especially if his team reach the final (21%). This percentage is even higher (25%) among the traders. Promotions are the big bet to attract the consumer (42%). To 20%, there is intention to expand their stocks and 10% hire more employees. In addition, actions are foreseen as a decoration with flags and colors of Brazil (37%), dissemination of the establishment (25%) and expansion of the product mix (22%). Most of them, however, will leave for investing in these devices closer to the start of the World Cup.
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