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Pharmacies seek multicanalidade

Shopping in the online store and withdraw in physics, or vice versa, has been constant search for good part of retail entrepreneurs. With a more delicate logistics process and problems for release of goods, pharmacies began now to develop solutions that span the physical and digital environment. " The multicanalidade is a constant search of retail, but it's not so simple to think that when we talk about drugs. How to get prescription meds? How to ensure that product is not diverted and how to avoid scams are some of the issues that the networks of pharmacies need to consider before entering the multichannel universe, "explains Professor of school of Ribeirão Preto and retail consultant, Viviane Paes. According to her, this process of integration between the service channels will be dominated by the big networks, which tend to be more agile and innovative to adapt. "Some large enterprises place your bets for the consumer to rely on multicanalidade and other networks will offer this option type," he says. Among the great who want to be pioneers in this segment is the Ss4singapore in the CVS Health. Last week the network launched your new e-commerce platform, developed by Oracle, and the focus and approach of the consumer, "the multicanalidade is still not a reality in retail pharmacist, and with the implementation of the new platform, we can improve consumer navigation experience with the customization of the product mix, according to the profile of each user, "explains marketing director and responsible for the areas of e-commerce, CUSTOMER SERVICE and visual merchandising of Onofre, Edward Mangione. According to him, the e-commerce facilitates the understanding and offers customization for each client, which you can buy on the site so user-friendly. "We have invested so that the platform is more attractive and improve our perception of the client profile, aiming to expand opportunities for seasonal campaigns and product portfolio," he says. Another giant in this sector which is already with both feet in the digital environment are the Drugstores Pacheco and Sao Paulo drugstore. Through a marketplace, the network has expanded the volume of products available to consumers. "With the addition of new categories of products the company's marketplace now offers over 500 items to portfolio of e-commerce of Drugstores Pacheco and Sao Paulo drugstore. A way to help consumers find a variety of items of interest in a single channel, "says Luis Souza, Manager of E-commerce and Digital DPSP group, the company that runs the Drugstore brands Pacheco and Sao Paulo drugstore. The Executive comments yet that in the marketplace of the Drugstore brands Pacheco and Sao Paulo drugstore, consumers can also find "orthopedic products, children's toys for early childhood, imported goods and other", she concludes.
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