terça-feira, 10 de julho, 2018

Agrimin wants to compete with the Lakes Kalium

The Australian company Agrimin intends to implement the project Mackay, which provides for the production of potassium sulfate from brines of salt lakes of the Green Continent-your area reaches 5000 km ². According to the General Director of Agrimin Mark under the project Savich Mackay, the production capacity of 420,000 tons of potassium sulphate annually. And should work for at least 20 years, the cost of extraction and processing of the salts will be $ $200 per tonne. In Mackay, project is expected to harvest of brine from a depth not exceeding 3 m, followed by evaporation in special tanks. Currently, the contestant is your compatriot Agrimin Kalium Lakes, who managed to negotiate with the K + S Group providing 75000 tonnes of potassium sulfate a year for 10 years.
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