quinta-feira, 12 de julho, 2018

BRF will disrupt production of chicken in Chapecó by six months

For six months, the chicken slaughter of the BRF in Chapecó (SC) will be interrupted from July 30. In House held yesterday afternoon in the Sitracarnes, workers approved the suspension of contracts of employment (lay-off) for a period of five months. In addition, the production of chicken will be pulled over for another month because of layoffs. Paula Jenir, President of the Sitracarnes (Union of workers in meat Industries and Chapecó), to be the best category way before the difficulties through which passes the BRF, who lives the greatest financial crisis of your story. With work contracts suspended, 1,400 employees of chicken slaughter line will receive 80% of the salary of the Government, through the worker support fund. Since last month, the BRF negotiates the suspension of employment contracts. One of the requirements of the Sitracarnes was some sort of compensation to workers. Was set that each of them will receive R $150 a month in food stamps from the BRF throughout the period in which the contracts are suspended. According to information from Sitracarnes, the BRF was shooting down 230,000 chickens per day in the Chapecó, just over 3% of the total capacity, that is 7 million birds slaughtered there day. In note, BRF stated that the unit will again operate normally after these time Odo of interruption in production.
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