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Carrefour invests in small meat producers

Carrefour announces today a project in the State of Mato Grosso in order to encourage the creation of calves, benefiting small producers. The idea is to give subsidies for sustainable meat production and quality, as stated Paul Pianez, Director of sustainability of Carrefour, to Mato Grosso Agro. It is an ambitious project in which you are invested R $18 million, in partnership with the Dutch Sustainable Trade initiative (IDH, the acronym in Dutch). The initiative starts in the regions of the North, to Rio Grande do Sul and Juruena then be replicated in other parts of the State. If sustainability helps to attract consumers, the quality of meat is increasingly valued by the public. "For many years we was induced to think that the meat comes from the supermarket, but the meat comes from the farm. Now consumers want to know where it comes from, the origin of the meat and the quality, "said, the gate exam, Rogério Betti, owner of the shop in São Paulo and one of the Debetti references in Brazil when it comes to quality meat." We stayed a long time eating meat of a lesser quality because the supermarkets buy tons at low prices, which drove the tight margins and dissatisfaction for all in jail, "Betti, who about a year ago started a partnership to operate butchers in two units of Carrefour, in São Paulo. With six decades of experience in the field of noble meats, Istvan Wessel, founder of refrigerator Wessel believes that among the objectives of such actions of Carrefour's escape from the dependence of large refrigerators. Grupo Pão de Açúcar the GPA also invests in the segment. In 2005, started the project Rubia Gallega, which seeks to develop quality product, as well as sustainable. Today, more than 580 stores of the company selling the meat. The project aims to encourage producers, still giving them the certainty of purchase of the product by the GPA, which contributes to business continuity. Currently, 20 cattle ranchers of the States of São Paulo, Goiás and Mato Grosso are part of the initiative. The meat Rubia Gallega is a cross between the Rubia Gallega breed (pure Spain's home-with a designation of origin in the region of Galicia) and Nellore (race broadcast on national territory). In addition to this, there are other company initiatives, such as the traceability.
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