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GPA sells third-party products in their stores

There are just under a month, Daiso Japanese store utilities and home supplies, opened a 150 m2 shop within a unit of Sugar Loaf Mountain in the city of São Paulo. Last week, it was the turn of Swift open two stores, one in the Extra and another in sugar loaf, also in São Paulo. Before them, the ice cream shop Bacio di Latte began in May tests on another flag store. The above examples reveal a project that must move forward more quickly. The GPA is making room for other retailers and suppliers set up points of sale in its stores, the concept store in store. New contracts are being negotiated. Companies such as Nestlé and L ' Oréal are seen as potential partners. "We kick in the project for a year and a half, within the proposal to monetize as much as possible the store", afrma Jorge Feisal, commercial Director of multivarejo of the GPA, which gathers Pão de Açúcar and Extra. In most experiments, still in pilot phase, what you see is not exactly the concept of store in store with attendance of employees of the partner company or payment area on site. The GPA is analyzing the feasibility of creating a payment model with tablets, but it is not yet ready. This difficulty exists on tax issues. In the case of Daiso and Bacio, in points separate areas with the lines sold by brands. The customer picks up the product and make the payment in the store box GPA. On receipt, it is a sale of an item of the group. Each month, the GPA shall report to the partner. "We're the ones who buy the merchandise, the stock is our. But the company says the stock and the same payment period that he already has the supplier ", says Luiz Felipe Barbosa, non-food commercial Director of GPA. "It's the Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açúcar) that manages the ' accounts payable, accounts receivable and inventory, said to the newspaper Valor Econômico a consultant attached to the group. He believes that the sale is almost on consignment, which would be the key to a low working capital, in the opinion of the consultant. According to the non-food commercial Director of GPA, the network will keep the same level of partner stores prices in supermarkets and will not charge rent for the area. "But the partner guarantees a minimum margin and I also set a goal in value sold," says Luiz Felipe Barbosa.
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