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L ' Oréal invests in high technology and it is the Brazilian market as priority

Fourth largest beauty market in the world, Brazil offers great business opportunities and also many challenges. In our diverse population, are found all eight types of hair already mapped globally and 55 of 66 skin tones already identified, as the studies show L ' Oréal. The company's vision, the future of the cosmetics industry through the use of technology, among other reasons to deliver customized products, prepared with natural ingredients. In practice, you can imagine a lab with robots manipulating formulas, which leaves researchers with more time to create. Or the creation of fully customized products according to the specific skin tone of each consumer, developed by the time he wants. Found the setting too futuristic? Delphine Allard, Director of research and innovation of the L ' Oréal in Brazil, warns that all this already exists and is about to gain scale. One of L'oreal's efforts aims to discover hybrid products that marry technology with beauty. To this end, the company launched an incubator inside the center of P&D. "we developed a product that identifies skin color in real time at the point of sale. From there, you can develop a custom product type, then, for the person that was there to buy. Is the demand addressed at the time of purchase, "explains Delphine. Thinking about the future of the beauty market, the L ' Oréal invests heavily in new technologies with two goals, according to the Director of research and innovation. One of them is to create internal tools to correct the development of new products, for example by selecting ingredients, evaluating new raw materials. "We created a microscopy technology to collect real-time three-dimensional images. So, we can look inside the skin and check what are the ingredients and products that we can use there, "he explains. The second objective is to accelerate the innovation process, which involves automating processes and use robots in laboratories to increase the production speed of a formula and thus leave the researcher more free to use all your creativity in some specific development. "Imagine producing 50 formulas with different levels of concentration. If a person were to formulate and manufacture one after another, a pound of each, it would take too long, "explains Delphine Allard, Director of research and innovation of l ' Oréal. The robot can do this job. The l ' Oréal laboratories in Rio de Janeiro already have such equipment that allow to formulate in small quantities and also make the selection more quickly.
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