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Pizzerias cross digital transformation and aims connected clients

In order to adapt to new consumption habits, pizzerias in Brazil aims to increase the participation of the digital channels in their total sales in order to hook customers more connected and also those least likely to leave home for dinner outside. " We must realize that trend of online sales is something that has been growing too. Our investment in such technologies is R $5 million ", declared the Director-General of the DCI network of pizzerias Domino's Brazil, Edwin Jr. According to the Executive, the e-commerce business was implemented two years ago on the market and, currently, the participation of these mobile platforms in the total sales of the network amounts to 12%. "Our goal is to achieve a percentage of 50% over the next two years," reveals junior. He explains that the network of pizzerias created an own platform, named as Pulse, these virtual sales management. "Today around 11 of our shops are with the system implemented," argued junior, emphasizing investments in digital channels has resulted in a 20% increase in the average ticket spent by customers. The Executive highlights the "suggestive" of ingredients before the user finished the purchase, which assists in revenue growth. How to reduce costs, the Director-General points out that the possibility of the client performing the request online form and pull it in own Business Desk makes that there is no need to hire bikers and telephone attendants. However, one of the challenges mentioned by him is the fact that some parts of the country still lack of good internet connections. In addition, junior says that the arrival of the marketplaces of foodservice-as for example the iFood – were important for the creation of this culture of delivery. In terms of trading volume, according to him, the network Domino's sells daily around 25000 pizzas. This past Tuesday, due to the "World Day of Pizza", that amount rose to 32000 requests. In line to the position of junior, the partner of the network of pizzerias Pizzeria 1900, Erik Momo, the volume of sales through delivery has increased "from 2011," according to the Manager. "We have not only application for sales, but also to the relationship with the client through the sending of loyalty plans," said Momo. Released in the middle of last year, the application of the network has participated in 20% of sales. However, the businessman says that applications for mobile platforms have certain "limitations" and that sales through the phone can be customized, for example. It complements the application is undergoing updates and now enables the payment is made online. Last year, the network's revenue was R $1 million. For this year, the estimate is R $40 million in terms of revenue. Another network of pizzerias that is alert to the increasing numbers of delivery is Pizza Hut. According to the General Manager of the network, Saddy Nardino, delivery requests currently represent about 20% of total sales. There is an expectation that this number will increase to 60 percent "in the coming years," he says. "Today we work both with sales through the site, and also in the iFood application," said Nardino. According to him, the prospects for increased sales after Brazil's elimination from the World Cup, with most customers in shopping malls. Today, the network has about 180 units in Brazil. Nardino claims that the ongoing development of a team of developers dedicated specifically to the administration of sales in digital channels. The project should enter into force in the next two weeks, he said. With regard to expansion of the physical points must be completed – by the end of 2018, the opening of new units, reaching 35 215 total operations. "Until 2023, we want to get to 700 units", anticipates. Asked about areas where this movement of expansion must occur in a more intense, he says that the business is more concentrated in Sao Paulo, but that demand will drive the strategy.
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