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Specific or unisex beauty products: what men prefer at the time of purchase?

In choosing the deodorant, 71% of the male audience opt for products developed for specific use of men. The finding is a research agency Mintel market intelligence, which assessed the attitudes of men towards beauty and personal care products.
Already in relation to shampoos, conditioners and body cleaning items, the result is different: they don't bother to cross the boundaries of genre when choosing products. According to the survey, 58% of men say to use shampoos and conditioners unisex, while only 42% use these items in specific versions for men. Similar result appears when the question is about body cleansing products: most men (56%) also reveals the habit to use unisex products.
In assessing the Mintel, the research shows that there are many opportunities for the deodorant market in Brazil. "The marks could, for example, develop deodorants which may be used by men and women, adding value to the brand and earning consumers who see this product as unisex", analyzes Juliana Martins, Senior Care and beauty expert Mintel's personal. An idea, according to the specialist is to use ingredients ' masculine ', such as coal, in the communication strategy of these deodorants. "How has benefits like removal of impurities, excess oils and protection against pollution, coal has been used by the beauty industry mainly in facial cosmetics," he says. "On the other hand, brands that want to continue developing the specific male deodorants can innovate by launching line extensions. Brands have shampoos, soaps, among other male enhancement products, may throw deodorants with the same fragrance ", Juliana Martins, exemplifies the Mintel.
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