quinta-feira, 12 de julho, 2018

Wholesalers say that resumption will be for 2019

Wholesalers recorded 4.60% indentation, in nominal terms, the accumulated sales from January to may, about a year before. As a result, entrepreneurs work with the prospect that the resumption, as expected in 2018, stay for 2019. The data are from monthly survey of Brazilian Association of wholesalers and distributors of industrial products (ABAD). "The truck drivers ' strike crippled the industry wholesaler and distributor in may as well as other sectors of the economy. But no one has been more affected than the population, that is who always pays the Bill for the political and economic instability, "said the President of ABAD, Emerson Destro. For him, with unemployment high it's hard to think about consumption growth this year. "We started the year with great expectations in relation to the economic upturn, but the level of unemployment remains high and there is no time to reverse this situation with a backdrop of elections that will take the entire second half. Therefore, 2019 will be another year of resilience, "says. And the supermarkets? While wholesalers still skating, the actual billing of the supermarkets in the State of São Paulo in the concept of all stores presented high of 10.13 percent in May compared with the same period in 2017. This balance made the 2018 cumulative reach 5.66% growth compared to 2017. Already in the concept of same shops – which counts only operations with more than a year – the result may 2018 was 7.65% higher than the same period of 2017, what made the year-to-date ch hägar the growth of 3.88%. " As the supermarket sector works with stocks of up to 15 days, on average, may was not necessarily committed to the eleven days of outage of the truckers, "explained principal economist, Thiago Berka, punctuating the hysteria for supply of homes in may helped in sales growth.
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