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Suzano's ceo says that the focus of the tissue market is just north and Northeast

Last Tuesday (14) during the RISI Latin American Conference in Sao Paulo, the President of Suzano Papel e Celulose, Walter Schalka, received the award for CEO of the year 2018 in Latin America. The CEO of the year of the RISI Latin America is indicated by a group of investment analysts, portfolio managers and specialists of RISI covering Latin American and global industry of pulp and paper. On Walter Schalka said that opportunity; "-Suzano's strategy is to lower the debt acquired in the merger of Fibria that revolves around R $29 billion, with that there will be no other large investment, the focus is to generate cash for the payment of the debt." The CEO of the year also further added, "-Suzano is still learning to produce tissue paper, however, we are on the right track!". Against the rumors in the industry that assumed that Suzano had interest in distributing their products across the country due to your high production capacity, Schalka reported that the focus of Suzano in the tissue segment is only the markets in the North and northeast of the country , where they need to make the recovery of GST. Asked about the tissue-paper market that suffers with the strong high cellulose, he states that the factories of the Suzano pulp tissue receive the market price and that there is no favoritism to the company, because the two operations need to remunerate shareholders . Also concludes saying that "it will be featured in the tissue market companies that can work intelligently your logistic system, industrial and your branding, that is, who do their homework". According to what was presented during the Conference, the Suzano should not make any more acquisitions in the next 12 months, and resume investments in the second half of 2019.
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