quinta-feira, 20 de setembro, 2018

Consumer follows suspicious of the future

The cloudiness of the future of the country, which today comes down to the October election scenario follows by pressing the expectations of consumers. For 35% of Brazilians, the current economic scenario in the country still tends to worsen, which reflects directly in their own finances. The data are part of the consumer confidence indicator (CCI), mapped by the National Confederation of Merchants Leaders (CNDL) and credit protection service (SPC Brazil). According to the study, 42% of respondents were neutral with respect to the future, in an exercise of patience to evaluate how will the national framework after the October election to then make projections. " The Brazilian is in alarm. Even if there is income, there is no economic motivation for shopping with high added value. This posture will, at best, until the beginning of next year, "summed up Professor of Macroeconomics and specialist in household consumption, Miriam Rosetta (Brown). Example of this can be seen in overall confidence indicator, which in August – even 3.47% against July growing, still remains under 50 points, cipher differs from the positive Outlook on negative issues such as employment, economy and purchase intent. According to the Chief Economist of the SPC Brazil, Marcela Kawauti, the uncertainties of the election scene added to the shy economic recovery follow affecting Brazilians ' confidence, even with the improvement of the indicator for the last month. "Employment and income are key variables in the formation of the trust, but depend on a more vigorous pace of advancement of economic activity", says she. Current time the consumer confidence indicator is composed of two sub-indicators: the perception of the Current Scenario and expectations for the future. In August, the perception of the Current Scenario obtained the mark of 29.8 points, while the Expectations indicator scored 55.0, remaining above 50 points since the beginning of the series, except in June this year, when it was a result of the strike of 48.6 Truckers. In percentage terms, the poll reveals that 81% of consumers consider bad performance of the economy at the moment. Other 17% think the regular setting and only 1% assess that the picture is good. The main complaint is unemployment, mentioned by 73% of those consumers. About personal finance, 41% consider your bad financial situation. The poll also draws attention to the cost of living, pointed to by 49% of respondents as the main weight on the family budget. Debt is a factor that stands out, mentioned by 17%, followed by unemployment and falling income (10%). On price evolution, 92% noticed an increase in electric bills in the comparison between August and July. To 90%, the high was perceived in the value of products in supermarkets and 86% have seen fuel prices skyrocket. Following are the items of clothing (70%), restaurants (68%) and telephone (65%).
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