sexta-feira, 28 de setembro, 2018

India: Countdown to single-use plastic

The India program for 2022 the entry into force of one of the world's most comprehensive prohibitions applied on disposable plastic artifacts, according to the study "Rethinking single use plastics" (Rethinking single-use plastics "), published in August by the solutions and global perspectives of the American Bank Citi. The ban includes bottles and disposable plastic bags in General, included the garbage. Among Indian cities, Mumbai already before the national law applying fine of $70 for the first infraction and $350 and three months ' imprisonment for recidivism, heavy sentences for a country of average annual per capita income of US $620. In Mumbai, besides the already mentioned, artifacts are banned liquids and pouches gift bags nonwoven. Among the allegations to the law of banishment is intended to reduce the environmental impacts in tow of flooding, clogging of drainage systems for plastics.
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