quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro, 2019

PA 6.6: global shortage without end in the short term

Starting in 2018, the inadequate supply that has catapulted to the Moon international prices of polyamide (PA) 6.6 promises not to give truce anytime soon. The seriousness of the prospects is illustrated by the Declaration of force majeure for the intermediary hexamethylenediamine (HMD), derived from the highly scarce adipopinitrila, formalized in early January by Ascend Performance Materials, American front of six plants in the United States and Europe and considered the world's largest producer of integrated PA 6.6. Delays in unsatisfactory production of HMD group force majeure declarations already disclosed by the company to all its polymers and compounds. Quentin de Carvalho, an analyst at consultancy Houston's Wood Mackenzie, believes the announcement of Ascend the 11th Declaration of force majeure in the world segment of PA 6.6 registered over the past 12 months, reports the American Plastics News newspaper. To Ascend, by the way, announced last October the goal to expand around 41,000 tons of adiponitrile capacity in your Decaur in the State of Alabama, until December, complemented by an expansion of approximately 180,000 tonnes of intermediate, expected by the company to lay out on-line in 2022.
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