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Amazon reconsider installing headquarters in New York after facing opposition

WASHINGTON (Reuters) is reconsidering the location of part of your new headquarters in New York because of local opposition, the Washington Post reported Friday, citing two people familiar with the thinking of global retailer. The giant retailer has not yet purchased or leased any land for the project, which would make it easier to exit, the sources told the Post, owned by Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos. Amazon executives had internal discussions recently to reassess the situation in New York and explore alternatives, published the paper. Amazon said in November that it would extend your corporate structure located in Seattle with the installation of new offices in New York and the Washington region, generating 25000 jobs. The world's largest online retailer plans to invest 5 billion dollars in two new administrative centres and expects to receive more than 2 billion dollars in tax credits and incentives. Amazon sent fliers to residents of Queens, touting the economic benefits and expanding your labor in New York, trying to neutralize the opposition of some local lawmakers, who said Amazon received many tax benefits, among others. A critic of the plan, the State Senator from Queens, Michael Gianaris, was appointed to a Panel in charge of approving the new campus of the Amazon, and has the power to block the plan, according to local media, including the New York Times. The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, supports the plan of the Amazon.No start of your research in the last year, Amazon said it was looking for a business-friendly environment. The company said it will receive incentives of 1.525 billion dollars of the State of New York, including an average of $48000 for every job they create.
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