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Apple put modem engineering team in chip design unit

SAN FRANCISCO, United States (Reuters)-Apple transferred your modem engineering team for an internal hardware technology group, told Reuters two people familiar with the matter, a sign that the company wants to develop an important component of the iPhone After years of shopping for external suppliers. The modems are an indispensable part of the phones and other mobile devices, connecting them to wireless data networks. Apple has used chips exclusively from Qualcomm, but began to introduce Intel chips in 2016 and eliminated the Qualcomm iPhones released last year. Johny Srouji, Senior Vice President of Apple's hardware technologies, took over the design efforts of the modem company in January, said the sources. The organizational movement was not announced previously. Srouji joined Apple in 2008 to lead the design of chips, including the custom series processors that feed on iPhones and iPads and a special Bluetooth chip, which helps these devices to pair with wireless headphones and other accessories of the company. The area of modems were led by Ruben Caballero, who reports to Dan Riccio, an Executive responsible for engineering the iPad, iPhone and Mac, which involves integration of vast electronic chain parts of the enterprise. Apple refused to comment. The publication The Information had published that Apple was working to develop your own modem. Apple published job vacancies for engineers in San Diego modem, hub for design talents because of the long-standing presence of Qualcomm and where Apple said it plans to assemble your work team. Apple's effort in making own modems can take years and it is impossible to know when or in which devices these chips can be applied. 5 g Apple's investment in modems comes at a time when mobile operators and other mobile phone manufacturers are launching devices for the next generation of faster wireless networks, known as 5 g. The cell phone manufacturers Samsung and Huawei already make their own modems. Produce own modems could cost millions of dollars a year to Apple, say analysts, but can result in saving money. The modems are important part of the cost of Apple's devices, of 15 to 20 dollars each, and can cost of 3 billion to 4 billion dollars to the approximately 200 million iPhones produced per year, said Stacy Rasgon, analyst of Bernstein. (By Stephen Nellis)
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