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Mira hotel sector customers who seek tranquility at the Carnival

Forward to register 95% occupancy this Carnival, the hotel sector has as one of its bets the public seeking tranquility instead of street blocks. Among the challenges is the economic crisis in Argentina, which could compromise the traditional guests ' arrival to the commemorative date. "After we look at the fall in the last three years, the North coast of São Paulo, for example, must get close to full occupancy for the period of Carnival. Also we recorded during this period, the increase in the number of foreign tourists, especially Uruguayans, "said the President of the Brazilian Association of the hotel industry in the State of São Paulo (Abih-SP), Bruno Hideo. According to the Chairman, most foreigners in South America has opted for unopened packages and family in the Southeast and South of Brazil, which are cheaper compared to other places like the Northeast. According to data of the entity, the Southern region recorded average 60.7% occupancy throughout the year 2018, up 4.1% on the previous year. The Southeast, for your time, gained 6.6 percent advance on the same basis of comparison, 57.8% of the lodging. The North already had the best performance, with 17.7% increase in year-to-year basis, resulting in 56.1% of total occupation. The network of hotels Residence dos Buzios and Byblos provides a lower demand on the part of the Argentine guests in this Carnival. "We have estimated 85% occupancy for the date. There is a retraction of the number of reservations made by Argentines and Chileans, in addition to the reduction of scheduled flights from those countries to the River, "reports the owner of the hotel group, Thomas Weber. With R package $4000 for four nights for the period, Weber explained that the high-dollar can discourage international travel plans of Brazilian tourists and boost a greater movement for national destinations. "It could be that the exchange rate will help compensate for the reduction of foreign reserves," he said. In addition, the account Executive that there is a greater movement of families and couples for purchase of these packages. The hotel group diRoma, Caldas Novas (Goiás), expects 100 percent occupancy for the Carnival this year. "Our audience is usually pretty faithful. Most are from families in search of rest and tranquility in this holiday, "says the Superintendent of the hotel group, Appeared Sparapani, noting that one of the main attractions of the region are the thermal waters of the Midwest Brasil.De accordingly, the packages usually vary between R $1000 and R $3500. The oscillation of values occurs as the structure of the unit, which can offer, or no, access to water parks. According to Sparapani, the vast majority of guests of the complex is of Brazilians. In the evaluation of the Chief Operating Officer of Kayak price comparadora platform, Eduardo Fleury, in 2019 for a drop in search for international destinations and travel growth perspective in national territory for the Carnival. "With the high-dollar, we recorded a big search for domestic destinations, particularly to Brazilian beaches," said Fleury. According to the survey conducted by the company, in 2018 the most wanted destinations were Salvador (52%), Recife (46%), São Paulo (40%), Belo Horizonte (37%), Florianópolis (36%), Singapore (25%) and Ontario (18%). In addition, the survey indicates 24% average reduction in price of airline tickets for this Carnival over the past year. Street Carnival President of Abih-SP account to another movement that has boosted tourism in big cities is the culture of street blocks. "In recent years, we also see the evolution of street carnival, which has spurred the segment of super economical hotels," said the leader. According to the leader, the blocks of the street also attract South American tourists in search of cheaper options than traditional destinations of Brazil. "Currently, foreigners represent around 5% of the total of participants of these street blocks," says Hideo, remembering the fact that tourists ' spending profile latinos is traditionally similar to Brazilians in these events.
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